Rocket Fuel For
Automotive BDCs and Sales Teams

Kain Metrics by DSI360 Helps Dealerships Hit Sales Goals with Real-Time Performance Tracking

Features & Highlights

Set Goals. Track Results.

Breakdown your BDC and sales team performance against your goals by region, dealership, or individual in real-time.

Find the Leaks in Your Pipeline.

DSI measures your performance data for leads, appointment sets, appointment show-ups, and conversions against your goals. View data and set different goals for phone-ups and internet leads.

Check Your Monthly, Weekly
and Daily Top Performers.

Identify your top performers at the individual, team, dealership, and regional levels.

Assign Training Based on Performance

Automatically assign training to individuals failing to meet your defined goals.

Lead Analysis

Track which lead sources are performing against your benchmarks and which ones you need to eliminate to maximize your ROI.

Video Messaging Platform.

Build value in your dealership, salesperson, or vehicle with custom video messages to your leads.

DSI offers a variety of tools that helped Modern Automotive maximize our Internet ROI and allowed us to set new records month after month!
Jamie Tilley from Modern Automotive
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